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NS Dúbrava is an ensemble of folk songs and dances from the region of Moravian Slovácko that belongs to Kyjovské Dolňácko, especially south of Kyjov. This area is very fertile, picturesque and variable as well as costumes of Dubňany in which the members perform. They introduce you to simple variants of work costumes up to a beautiful “festive” costume. This festive costume is richly hand-embroidered, and by experts is rated as one of the most beautiful in the world

The ensemble was created in 1978. It followed up on the long-standing history of Slovácký krúžek in Dubňany. The ensemble processes folklore material from kyjovské Dolňácko such as customs, traditions, typical dances, but also funny zones. On the periphery, they focuses on the immediate regions of Strážnicko, Horňácko, Uherskohradišťsko, Valašsko and Slovakia. The customs of these regions are part of our custom’s collection. Our ensemble can offer an hour-long performance, as well as short dances and music demonstrations. NS Dúbrava successfully represents itself at various folklore events and festivals not even in the Czech Republic, but also in numerous European countries.

We are excited and look forward to show you our art and the beauty of Moravian folklore.

A trip to the most northern Baltic country – Estonia

In the summer of 2018, we went on a journey far away to the north of our country. We were invited to the city of Märjamaa where took place their traditional festival. The one-week stay was kept in the spirit of friendship between ensembles from other countries and we also made a lot of journeys around the city. For our trip we packed almost all of the folk costume components to show what cultural wealth we have in our country. Although this country is placed in the north, we were blessed with sunshine all of the week and we could be in good mood all the time. We like to remember this experience.

40th anniversary of establishment NS Dúbrava

The programme called “To bývaly časy” (“Old good times”). November 2018 was a month of celebration of folklore fans of Dubňany. On November 10th new and ex-members met where the past, present and future of the all ensembles takes place – KD Dubňany. In the first half of the programme performed the ex-members, and the second half was waiting for us. The first two entrances were belonged to the festive costume of Dubňany and the typical dance called “skočná”. We also dusted off two zones from another region – Valašsko and Dolní Němčí. It is also necessary to add that next week (2023) our Dúbrava will celebrate another jubilee and we are already looking forward to the celebration!

Východná 2019

In 2019 we were really lucky because our ensemble could participate in the Slovak festival. We spent three days at Východná region and every day we had the opportunity to show our festive costume and also costumes from Kunovice region that decorate our costume equipment. During this visit we were accompanied by CM Friška from Kyjov. We also took part in the traditional parade and really enjoyed all the days of the festival!

Ethnographic festival Kyjovské Dolňácko 2022

This year we had the opportunity to participate again in the festival of “Milotice”, which has the long-standing tradition in region of Kyjov. Our ensemble was approached by the author of one of the main evening programs, that name is Markéta Vašulková. Our theme was “wedding”. We were accompanied by CM Friška from Kyjov, with the significant help of the elder members of NS Dúbrava and the part of the performance took Sboreček z Dubňan. Together we performed wedding festivities. It couldn’t be missing the typical dance called “skočná”, married couple, the arrival of cross-country guests and all this was ended by the three voices performed by the girls from Sboreček. We really thank the authors of the festival for the invitation and we are looking forward for the next years.


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